Marilyn, my first


It was July of 2011 and I stumbled across a beautiful color image of Audrey Hepburn and I was blown away by the incredible amount of detail and how it brought the images to life. It's funny, I once heard a child ask their parent, "When did color come into the world?". I laughed then realized that we've been accustom to viewing vintage photography as black and white or sepia, that we forget that those that came before us, lived in a world full of color. I fancied myself as an intermediate level Photoshop user and figured that I could too hand-tint or 'colorize' my favorite vintage photos.

My first visit was to YouTube for some tutorials. I discovered that there are several ways to colorize a photo. Some more in depth than others. I finally settled on this one as my initial guide. It was a great start and as you can see from above, not too bad. Over the next 8 years I've continued to refine my technique and my skill level.

I have always had a special affection/fascination for vintage cheesecake and pinups from the past. I think the first time I saw pinup art was on the nose of a WW II airplane, or on the back of a leather jacket. I remember when all hell broke loose in the nineties, and the web exploded with sites dedicated to vintage pinups and I discovered Bettie Page. I fell in love with that beautiful smile and those awesome curves! I was convinced that if those old photos of her could be cleaned up and colorized, she would compete with any modern day supermodel and attract a whole new generation of fans.

I found an outlet for my work when a new blogging site 'Tumblr' appeared. It was easy to find others that appreciated vintage photography and communities were created and images swapped and passed back and forth for over 10 years. Sadly, the community that was created was banished from the platform and the Tumblr diaspora began. You can find me on a few sites, (mainly MeWe & Pinterest for now), at least until I can find my new home, but this site will always remain and be the first place that I share my work.

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Thanks, Old iZ New